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Hi!! My name is Sharpy! Welcome to my website!!!

You may have seen my art around somewhere on the internet. I like to draw and animate silly characters because they make me happy. I hope to keep doing it for as long as I can. I hope my art is enjoyable and means something to someone. Thanks for all of the love and support

This is my personal website where I can do whatever I want. I'm not that good at coding or web development/design so this website isn't the best, but I just wanted to make it into something I liked.

To do:

finish home pgae
blog page
N&Z ep1 backgrounds
about me page
kill myself


I finally got Brackets to work! Here's to no more spammy minor updates on my website anymore! think i'm about 70% done my home page. There are a few more extra things i'd like to add befor i've devided i'm done for now, But I can't work on those rn because I have some commissions and N&Z episode work to finish. So i'mm just work on the things that I necessarily don't have to make art for just yet.

6/3/2024 Yeah i'm still up.

I think once i'm done this site, i'm still going to keep my carrd website up (but just stop paying for the plan) as a safety net just in case anything happens to this one. I'll keep it around as a mobile friendly site cause this website isn't all that mobile friendly. I'm just gonna leave links up on it.

6/2/24 Still working on the website and think it'sll be a good while until i'm able to release it to the public. The links don't work yet because I don't have pages for them yet except for the commission one which just links back to my commission page I already had made with carrd.

I'm still working on the bare bones of the home page. Sometime later i'll be working on a "warning/before you enter" page. I have no idea what I'm gonna do for an about me page yet. I'm gonn get all the important stuff out of the way first like an art gallery, animation, commission, and oc pages out of the way first before I start working on extra things like shrines.